Little Studio Revamp

Routine is what I like.  I also like clean and perfection.  And natural beauty.

I should clarify that I especially like routine when it involves clean and perfection and beauty.  My routine lately has been just that.  I get up, breakfast, walk dog, then commute to my job which involves walking the 300 feet to the studio, and get it ready for the real work.  Routine, yes, but it has become sort of a meditative process of cleaning and fussing over the smallest of details.  It is ever so satisfying.

The studio work begins with the mosaic studio, which really just needed some paint.  But, of course, it can’t be as simple as that.  There is color and  sheen selection, taping everything off, filling what seemed like hundreds of nail and tack holes, and cleaning as I go.  And since there are art supplies and furniture in there already, there are logistics of moving everything aside, painting, moving all to the other side, and finishing painting.

Since this is an art studio, color is important and we can’t really have some rogue off-white messing with our color perception.  We decided on a pure white with an eggshell finish to give a slight reflection of the generous natural lighting.  When Mrs. Daylight and I had finished, the results were better that I could imagine and I was so beside myself that I didn’t want to leave.  It was clean and new and bright and just the perfect creative space.

Pictures really don’t show the vaulted pine plank ceiling so I didn’t even try, but here is some of the finished product.


The workbench we brought with us from our old place.  For me this is one of the most exciting parts – it makes the space so perfect and personal.  I like how the marine varnish gives it a transparent look in this photo.

Mosaic studio

Oh, and the natural beauty.  Out the window is the view of our orchard coming into bloom.  Plums first, then other stone fruit and apples and pears.

Plum blossoms

peach blossoms

As if not to be outdone, bulbs in the flower garden out the other window are showing off their colors.


Late today, we started work on the main studio.  A bigger task, but if the work so far is any indication, it’s going to be pretty great, too.


One thought on “Little Studio Revamp

  1. Jason, it’s just beautiful! It looks so strange to me because we’re still looking a lumps of dirty, garbage strewn snow and not a green thing in sight. Good luck with your new home and gardens.


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