Ready for Business

Yesterday, I finished painting the big studio.  Like the little studio, there was a logistical challenge with ladders and yarn and supplies all in the way, and I had to paint it in sections.  So, after finishing the high wall, I was able to set up some shelving and move all the bins and boxes of yarn there in preparation for painting the other side.  It took several days and multiple trips back to the hardware store for more paint and tape, but now it’s done.

Painting the Studio

The light in the studio is pretty great, with big windows along the sides and the clerestory windows up top, but now it’s even brighter.  Not that the old peach/salmon color was bad – it gave the space a cozy warmth and the daylight coming in through the skylights made it look like the lights were always on.  But the the new ultra-white paint gives it a whole new feel.  Not only does it give it that new gallery look, hopefully it will also help in assessing the yarns’ true colors.

Once done, I couldn’t wait to get everything set up.  The big question was how well will the loom fit in the middle of the room.  Turns out it has ample space with room to spare.

Studio overhead


Studio Loom

There will still be some sorting of yarn and getting everything in the right place, but I would say it’s ready to go.  Since there is still warping yarn on the loom (a little tricky to move), I know what I’ll be doing first.



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