Latest Project

Started a new project yesterday.  It will be the second of two rugs with similar specs as far as type and size go.  Not much to show yet and I’ll share when I have something to share.  In the mean time, let’s look at the last project in this set, woven in the old studio.

It is a twill weave (2/2 skip twill, with both straight and broken treadling, for those who want to know that sort of thing).

Rug 28.04

The two end patterns are ones that I came up with while testing it out.  The middle section is what is called a flamepoint design.  Sorry the colors here came out funny – the camera was reacting to the bad lighting and the color of the background.  The colors in the first photo are probably the best representation.

Rug 28.10

Again, the pink isn’t really that pink.

Rug 28.11


Rug 28.15


Rug 28.17

It is a two-sided rug and for the most part, the two sides are the same.  The exception is the end design has a slightly different pattern.

Rug 28.20

I really love the sort of overlapping parentheses effect this pattern has.

Rug 28.23


Off next week, but back after that with more project news.  Or something.


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