Color Blending

Started on a new rug.  I wanted to start cranking out some plain weave rugs, so I set up the loom for five new rugs.  The weaving goes so quickly compared the more complicated patterns.  I do say that this is one of few times there are no technical problems – even tension, straight sides, nothing broken yet.  So far, the colors haven’t started to clash in a serious way.

Color blending Sample

The yarn markers on the right side are for keeping track of how much I’m weaving in a given period of time.

This rug uses color blending, where I ply three colors together.  I gradually move from one color grouping to the next by swapping out one yarn for another.  Here’s my palette of yarn:

Colored Yarn

Since the yarn can’t be wound all at once, I do it in batches.  Two consecutive batches show the changes in colors.

Colored yarn skeins

Blended skeins on the drying rack after washing

Just a quick update.  I’ll post more pics tomorrow to show the progress.


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