Rug Production Update

Been busy working on three different rugs at once, starting a fourth, and planning the fifth.  I’ve also been trying to get a good workflow going – not just for the weaving, but the fringes, steaming, taking and editing photos, and this blog.  I think I have it pretty well sorted, so here is a update on what I have been working on.

Here is the finished color blending rug.  Turned out to be quite the rainbow of color.

Rug 30.11

For the fringe, I opted for a a “twisted fringe,” like a rope or multiplied yarn.  It is quicker and easier to get consistent than a braid.  Thanks to “Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition,” by Suzanne Baizerman and Karen Searle, I also added this kind of macrame bit, called a square knot sennit, that pulls the threads together before doing the twisting.

Rug 30.14

Also, I finally finished the yellow stripe rug, but not before I wove the entire next rug – it’s off the loom and waiting for finishing and I’ll post more on that soon.

Here’s the finished stripe rug on the drying rack (with the to-be-woven fifth rug on the winders on either side).

Rug 31.05

And some of the detail:

Rug 31.06        Rug 31.07

Next up: faux wood grain.  Well, sort of.


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