Faux Wood Grain

After throwing my back out and taking a two day hiatus earlier this week, I went back to work yesterday.  (On the positive side, I finally read Stieg Larsson’s thoroughly engrossing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The translation from the original Swedish is a bit odd in places, but I recommend it.)

So I finished my next project.  It had some problems with uneven tension while I was weaving.  While cutting it off the loom, I discovered that I inadvertently omitted finishing securing the knots that hold it on the loom.  Oops.  I’m lucky it did not unravel altogether.

Rug 32.11
While weaving, I decided on a whim to try a particular technique.  The results were not at all what I expected – I think it looks a lot like wood grain: Rug 32.21 Pattern Detail

This trick of the trade gave what I thought was an otherwise ho-hum design into something far more interesting, and that is always satisfying.

And, yes, I’m purposely not saying what the technique is.  Why would I do that?

Next up:  Tie dye.


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