Mom’s friend Jeanne, a long time weaver, recently moved to a smaller place and wanted to downsize.  For her, this meant divesting herself of years of collected yarn.  Mom said that I would take whatever yarn Jeanne wanted to get rid of.  She was right, I would, and did, and am truly grateful.  Some of it is that kind of yarn that seems too good to use.  Some of it was the earlier-mentioned Monte Tate yarn.  Some of it was yarn I used in another rug (the red and buff color).  I think Jeanne had a good sense of color.  A lot of the yarn is blends of sophisticated color combinations.  Two bundles caught my attention.  They appeared to be hand-dyed, not sure if she dyed them herself.  But not only that, they appeared to be tie-dyed in these dark greens, olives, and golds.  Originally I was going to use them together in one big mash-up, but on Mrs. Daylight’s suggestion, I opted instead for two separate rugs that each featured the yarn.

Rug 33 - full rug

First is done, and working on the second. I ended up with something I didn’t expect. Unexpected doesn’t mean I don’t love it.  I do.  I especially like how the design changes from side to side in a way I could never achieve with traditional one-color yarn.

Rug 33 - tie-dye detail

As I am always in search of a better way to start the fringes, I came up with a new way of gathering together the strands that I can do fairly quickly and consistently.  I think it looks particularly cool with the double strands of warp.

Rug 33 - fringe

So, thank you, Jeanne.  Thank you for your generosity and your keen color sense.


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