Tie-Dye II

This is the second rug in the tie-dye pair using the that special tie-dye yarn.  I think I’m even more excited about it than the first one.

Rug 34.02

Aside from the gorgeous color of the yarn, I like how it goes from horizontal stripes to vertical stripes and back to horizontal stripes again.

Rug effects with tie dye yarn

Close up of the vertical stripes:

Rug - Tie dye yarn detail

I had been saving the black yarn for something special, and this is definitely it.   I don’t really remember where it came from – likely part of a batch of other yarns I acquired.  It has a shininess to it and I first had thought that it was some sort of synthetic yarn.  I did a burn test on the yarn and it definitely has the properties of wool.  Perhaps it is some sort of blend, but primarily wool.  I suppose it doesn’t matter that much if the outcome is right.

It might be a while before the next rug – I’m embarking on an ambitious project involving lots of kludges, fixes, and jury rigging on the loom.  Hoping for fabulous results.




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