Block Weave

Not a whole lot to write about, just lots of pictures.  This new rug is the second in a series that was supposed to be another shaft switching design.  But after the difficulties in the last rug, I opted instead to do a block weave with “virtual shaft switching” – essentially retying the pedals for each section.  It uses a 4-end block weave.  I’m really happy with the results.

Block weave rug

This is a new version of a rug I did a while back.  The idea is to use two colors to create a virtual third color.  I particularly wanted to use two similar colors – light and dark brown, light and dark green, and so on.

rug yarn

The “third” color is really just stripes.  But if you squint, it kind of works.

three colors


Again, the back is the same, but with colors reversed.



Next: more strips and tie dye.


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