Plain Weave Continues

This is the second of a series of plain weave rugs.  I have three more rugs to this series, one off the loom and almost complete, one on the loom now, and one whose design is still to be determined.

This rug is similar to the other color-blending rug I finished back in May, but a little more subtle.  In the other rug, I was trying to use up some of the blah colors that I have.  For this rug, I was trying to use colors that I see during a sunset or sunrise, or in this case, maybe both?

Rug 38.05

Here it is under construction.

Rug 38.01

I was really excited when I started, and for some reason less so as I went along.  Once I took it off the loom, though, I was happy with the result.  I think maybe I get focused on just what’s in front of me while I weave, and don’t envision the work as a whole.

Up next:  fancy yarn. Well, different anyway.


3 thoughts on “Plain Weave Continues

    • Warp – 6/4 Cotton, doubled, tripled at the selvedge, sett 4 ends per inch. I prefer linen, but I acquired about 50 rugs worth of high quality cotton rather cheaply, so cotton it is.


      • Thanks. Good to know some technical details. I have a lot of rugs on my project list but sadly no time to weave at the moment. Rugs like yours give me inspiration.


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