Yarn Stash – part 2: Herdwick Wool

This rug uses Herdwick wool yarn I bought in Cumbria, England when Mrs. Daylight and I were visiting in 2006.

Herwick Wool Rug

It is from the Herdwick breed of sheep.  I never used this yarn because I kept wanting to save it for something special, or that I deemed myself not yet worthy.  So I finally decided to just make something with it already.  The wool is tough and somewhat bristly, and maybe not so good for a scarf, but great for a rug.

Herdwick wool texture

While the colors are obviously dyed, the light and dark grays are the natural color of the wool.

Herdwick wool colors

Hand dyed yarnI used a plain weave because that’s what’s was ready on the loom, and because the design can be simple, highlighting the texture of the yarn.  I did add a section using a tapestry technique called “clasped wefts” and a simple design element.  I have to remember that curves and clasped wefts are not friends – I had to un-weave about 2 inches of rug and re-weave it to get it just how I wanted.

The yarn is probably hand-dyed, as you can see the variations in color in the orange section.  To me, that makes it more personal and unique.

Detail of the curve section.  Subtle, but I like subtle.

Clasped Weft detail

Next Up:  probably another rug.


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