Rug 23.03 Plain Weave – Simplest of weaves where patterns are determined by the color of yarn used.


Rug2.1Tapestry Weave – Can be used to create elaborate designs.  My use of tapestry weave has been more to create graphic designs not possible with plain weave.


Copy of Rug 13.55Twill – Can produce numerous different patterns either by itself or with a plain weave background to emphasize the pattern or provide strength to the rug’s structure.


Rug 9.20Krokbragd – Traditional Norwegian weave that can produce a variety of patterns in a very sturdy fabric.  This is generally a one-sided rug – the front and back to not have the same weave texture.


Rug24.09Block Weave – This weave produces a thicker rug than the other rugs I weave.  I use it to create blocks of color or patterns.


Additional photos can be seen on my flickr account.


One thought on “Rugs

  1. I too learned everything I know about building fires from being a boy scout. Now I often get called upon at home and at friends parties to start the fire in their fireplace or fire pit. There’s something both nostalgic and timeless about building and tending fires.

    It sounds like your off to a great start up in Washington. Congratulations.


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